Friday, August 29, 2014

Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile Free Download (APPS Available For Android Tablet )

Cisco Packet Tracer is a network-capable and simulation-based learning environment for networking students to design, configure, and troubleshoot computer networks at the CCNA-level of complexity. This version is currently compatible with Cisco Packet Tracer 6.1.  
This application requires Android 4.1+ on ARMv7 CPU tablets and is optimized for screens with a minimum size of 7 inches. 
A Cisco Networking Academy Netspace account is required to use this application.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

17 Traits That Entrepreneurs Possess

To be honest, you may only need to possess a few. But if you've been wondering if you’re cut out for a life of entrepreneurship, this list is for you. At the end, I’m going to share the one quality I believe entrepreneurs must have.
1. You’re motivated by fear.
2. You hate being told no. When you are, you work harder.
3. You thrive on uncertainty. The unknown excites you. You’re unafraid to carve your own path, because you prefer it that way.
4. You’re willing to take responsibility. You want to take the last shot. When everything rests on your shoulders, you wouldn't have it any other way.
5. You’re committed to your business with your heart and soul.
6. You’re passionate. Your business is the only thing on your mind. You think about it when you’re eating and when you’re sleeping.
7. You understand that you’re not defined by your job, because you can see the big picture.
8. You’re curious. You like to ask questions. You look at all the possibilities.
9. You have vision. You understand that if you dream about it, you can realize it.
10. You’re flexible. Turning on a dime is no problem for you.
11. You’re disciplined. You know that to be successful at anything, you must dedicate your time and effort. 
12. You’re focused. After all, that’s the only way you’ll be able to complete each task before you!
13. You often feel impatient with those around you. It seems like everyone else is standing still. What you want, you want now.
14. You’re persistent -- to a fault.
15. You have confidence. Surrounding yourself with competent, smart associates is no problem for you, because you’re secure in your strengths, and you know what your weaknesses are.
16. You’re insecure. Your self-doubt motivates you to reach for more.
17. You believe that failure is not an option. If you want to take the island, burn the boats. (I love that quote.)
Possessing these traits will help you to be a successful entrepreneur. However, there is one trait that I think is the most important: the desire to be your own boss. I do not want to work for anyone else. I want to call the shots.
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Why The iPhone 6 Will Be The Device Of The Year

Apple is gearing up for a big product announcement on September 9, and all indications are that it will be a new iPhone. The iPhone 6, as it’s being called in the press, will deliver a lot of changes over the iPhone 5s, which got relatively modest updates compared to the iPhone 5. It’s also one of the most important device launches Apple has ever had, given how long it’s been since the company unveiled a new marquee product.
As is generally the case, at this point we have a pretty good idea of what’s coming thanks to the rumor mill, which has been in high gear over the past month or so. Whispers suggest we’ll see a larger screen, with a 4.7-inch model launching first and a 5.5-inch model also being unveiled at the same time, but possibly shipping a bit later or in constrained supply.
But the screen size isn’t the whole story – Apple is also expected to use a new material that offers a lot more durability to protect its display. This will likely be some kind of sapphire composite, and based on leaked videos of durability tests, it should be much better able to withstand both shattering and scratching. This would give Apple a considerable advantage over the rest of the market, which finally mostly uses Gorilla Glass, the material it pioneered with its original iPhone but which it now looks ready to leap beyond.
Apple’s work on both these things, display size and display durability, speak to some of the most sought-after requests of both existing and would-be iPhone buyers. The company will also likely improve the cameras on its devices, and might finally add NFC into the mix, opening the door for a lot more potential when it comes to mobile payments
The iPhone is currently exhibiting a late-cycle strength that it rarely has before, and anyone who thinks that “just” putting a bigger screen on its flagship device won’t do much to improve its fortunes hasn't been paying attention – plus, Apple being Apple, they’ll do a lot more besides.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CALIBRE : apps e-book library management (download free)

calibre (Image)

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

Calibre manages your e-book collection for you. It is designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats.

Calibre can convert from a huge number of formats to a huge number of formats. It supports all the major e-book formats.

Calibre has a built-in editor that allows you to edit e-books in the most popular e-book formats, EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle). The editor has a live preview showing the effect of your changes as you make them and includes a comprehensive checking tool that can find many of the most common errors in book structure and formatting and even fix some of them automatically.


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Monday, July 28, 2014


Dive in and discover how to really put Windows Server 2012 to work! This supremely organized reference packs the details you need to plan and manage a Windows Server 2012 implementation including hundreds of time saving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. Learn how the experts tackle Windows Server 2012—and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Topics include:

  • Managing Windows Server 2012 systems
  • Storage and file systems
  • TCP/IP networking
  • DHCP and DNS
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Security and access
  • Troubleshooting hardware
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Backup and recovery


Monday, June 16, 2014

Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis (Free Pdf Download)

This book is written for beginner analysts and includes 46 step-by-step labs to walk you through many of the essential skills contained herein. This book provides an ideal starting point whether you are interested in analyzing traffic to learn how an application works, you need to troubleshoot slow network performance, or determine whether a machine is infected with malware.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X apps that builds on the best of C and
Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns
and adds modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and more fun. Swift’s
clean slate, backed by the mature and much-loved Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, is an
opportunity to reimagine how software development works.

Swift feels familiar to Objective-C developers. It adopts the readability of Objective-C’s named
parameters and the power of Objective-C’s dynamic object model. It provides seamless access
to existing Cocoa frameworks and mix-and-match interoperability with Objective-C code.
Building from this common ground, Swift introduces many new features and unifies the
procedural and object-oriented portions of the language.

Swift is friendly to new programmers. It is the first industrial-quality systems programming
language that is as expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language. It supports playgrounds,
an innovative feature that allows programmers to experiment with Swift code and see the
results immediately, without the overhead of building and running an app.

Swift combines the best in modern language thinking with wisdom from the wider Apple
engineering culture. The compiler is optimized for performance, and the language is optimized
for development, without compromising on either. It’s designed to scale from “hello, world” to
an entire operating system. All this makes Swift a sound future investment for developers and
for Apple.Swift is a fantastic way to write iOS and OS X apps, and will continue to evolve with new
features and capabilities. 


Monday, June 2, 2014

Luna : The next generation of Elementary OS (Free Download)

Lightweight and beautiful. All-new apps. A refined look. 
Mac OS X is definitely one of, if not the most, consistent and aesthetically pleasing desktop OS on the market to date but in order to use it, you still need to get a Mac. If you work on a Windows PC and don’t want to build a Hackintosh, you can try this alternative: Elementary OS Luna.

Elementary OS Luna is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It’s the second OS developed by the Elementary OS team after Elementary OS Jupiter (which was based on Ubuntu 10.1)
The Elementary OS team’s focus on minimalism extends beyond Luna’s user interface. Elementary OS Luna comes with only the most basic applications pre-installed.
Amongst these applications are:
  • Midori, a web browser
  • Noise, a music player
  • Geary, an email client
  • Shotwell, a photo manager
  • Totem, a video player
  • Empathy, an internet messaging client
  • Scratch, a text editor

On the whole, though, Elementary OS Luna is a good Linux distro that will definitely appeal to users looking for a stable and smooth OS that manages to provide some of Mac OS X’s visual polish and consistent user experience.
Elementary OS Luna will never replace Mac OS X, that’s for sure but, for users who are unable to run the latest version of Mac OS X on their computers, Elementary OS Luna is definitely worth a try.

FREE DOWNLOAD : LINK 1 (64-stable)  
                                    LINK 2 (64- iso file) 
                                    LINK 3 (32 - iso file) 

Mac OS X 10.10, aka Yosemite #WWDC14

The operating system has a new look, a refined toolbar, new notification center features, and a dark mode.

Additionally, the OS will now synchronize with Apple's iOS mobile system through AirDrop file sharing, iMessage messaging, and the ability to make and take phone calls.

While developers have access to Yosemite, Apple will release the OS to the public in the fall. But the company is allowing non-developers to sign up for the software's test version this summer through a public beta program.

The system's features, including new iCloud synchronization abilities and Mail Drop, a way to share large files through email. 
He also boasted fast video streaming, without a plugin, on Safari, and new tab feature.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! (Video)

Solar Roadways!!! New Technology

It's the roadway of the future!

Friday, May 23, 2014

CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide (Free PDF Download)

CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide
All the SWITCH 642-813 Commands in One Compact, Portable Resource
Scott Empson
Hans Roth
Preparing for the CCNP® exam? Working as a network professional? Here are all the CCNP-level commands for the Implementing Cisco® Switched Networks (SWITCH) exam you need in one handy resource. The CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide is filled with valuable, easy-to-access information and is portable enough for use whether you’re in the server room or the equipment closet.
This book helps you memorize commands and concepts as you work to pass the CCNP SWITCH exam (642-813). The guide summarizes all CCNP certification-level Cisco IOS® Software commands, keywords, command arguments, and associated prompts, providing you with tips and examples of how to apply the commands to real-world scenarios. Configuration examples throughout the book provide you with a better understanding of how these commands are used in simple network designs.
Use CCNP SWITCH Portable Command Guide as a quick, offline resource for research and solutions.
--Logical “how-to” topic groupings inside the front and back covers provide one-stop research
--Compact size makes it easy to carry with you, wherever you go
--Helps you review important commands before taking the CCNP SWITCH certification exam
--“Create Your Own Journal” appendix with blank, lined pages allows you to personalize the book for your own needs
This book is part of the Cisco Press® Certification Self-Study Product Family, which offers readers a self-paced study routine for Cisco certification exams. Titles in the Cisco Press Certification Self-Study Product Family are part of a recommended learning program from Cisco Systems® that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press.


Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide: Foundation learning for SWITCH 642-813 (FREE DOWNLOAD PDF)

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide: Foundation learning for SWITCH 642-813
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide is a Cisco® authorized learning tool for CCNP® and CCDP® preparation. As part of the Cisco Press foundation learning series, this book covers how to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using the Cisco Campus Enterprise Architecture. The Foundation Learning Guide also covers secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice, and video into campus networks.
Each chapter opens with the list of topics covered to clearly identify the focus of that chapter. At the end of each chapter, a summary and review questions provide you with an opportunity to assess and reinforce your understanding of the material. Throughout the book detailed explanations with commands, configurations, and diagrams serve to illuminate theoretical concepts.
Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) Foundation Learning Guide is ideal for certification candidates who are seeking a tool to learn all the topics covered in the SWITCH 642-813 exam.
 - Serves as the official book for the Cisco Networking Academy CCNP SWITCH course
 - Provides a thorough presentation of the fundamentals of multilayer switched network design
 - Explains the implementation of the design features such as VLAN, Spanning Tree, and inter-VLAN routing in the multilayer switched environment
 - Explains how to implement high-availability technologies and techniques
 - Covers security features in a switched network
 - Presents self-assessment review questions, chapter topics, summaries, command syntax explanations, network diagrams, and configuration examples to facilitate effective studying
This book is in the Foundation Learning Guide Series. These guides are developed together with Cisco®as the only authorized, self-paced learning tools that help networking professionals build their understanding of networking concepts and prepare for Cisco certification exams.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Can Now Text 911 in an Emergency

If you're deaf or in an emergency where you can't speak, getting a hold of 911 is problematic. In just a few hours, the nation's leading mobile providers will start the support of texting to 911 for emergencies in certain areas.P
The providers supporting the service include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. For the time being, only certain states and counties have call centers that support 911 texting, but the goal is to get this service rolled out nationwide as soon as possible. If you're located in an area that will allow the service, make sure you provide your location when texting 911. Call centers will not have the ability to triangulate your location the same way they can with a phone call.